No matter which way you look at it, Cincinnati is a great city for sports lovers. Our fans are loyal and loud, whether we’re cheering on the Reds at Great American Ball Park or the Bengals at Paul Brown Stadium. Everyone from the youngest tots to the oldest senior citizens knows when a sporting event is on in Cincinnati. What other town considers Opening Day a city holiday? That’s right, here in Cincinnati we’re diehard fans.

One of the ways we’ve made Opening Day even more of a celebration is by leaving all our worries for another day. Get the whole family together (extended family included!) and hire a Cincinnati party bus to get you to the game and all the other festivities. You won’t have to worry about carpooling because everyone will fit in one of our vehicles – and the whole family will enjoy our entertainment system!

Bengal fans will love riding in our party buses for tailgating parties. Our generously sized coolers are available for your use, so you can fill them with your favorite drinks or store those extra burgers on our complimentary ice. Party Bus Cincinnati keep track of your things while you enjoy every touchdown from inside the stadium, and after the Bengals score their last touchdown we’ll pick you up and get you and your buddies home.

Navigating icy roads can take a lot of energy – the energy that you should be saving to cheer on the Cyclones! We’ll take care of your transportation needs so that you can enjoy the ice the way you really like it: from the bleachers with a beer in hand. This is a great idea for a social outing with co-workers or team members.

Whatever your favorite team may be, or whether you like them all, it’s important to have fun while being safe. That’s what we’re all about at Party Bus Cincinnati! While our laser lights are flashing and our stereo system is pumping out the tunes, we’re making sure that you get where you need to go without any hassle. So if you’re planning on having a good time with a few drinks, why not get the party started the smart way, with Party Bus Cincinnati!