Wright Party Bus & Limo 3We don’t list our Party Bus Cincinnati pricing online, but give us a call to find out exactly how much money you can save with us versus other Ohio party bus companies! We think you’ll be shocked to see the difference in price, especially when you are also looking at the high quality transportation that you receive. It’s an understatement to say that Party Bus Cincinnati has the greatest buses in the entire state of Ohio. Combined with our low prices, it’s nothing short of a win-win situation for you!

If you’re ready to spend the evening in one of Party Bus Cincinnati’s finest buses, then download the contract now to get started!

Below we’ll share a few tips on saving money when booking a party bus trip with us, just because we appreciate our customers so very much!

Five Tips to Save Money with Party Bus Cincinnati

Tip #1… Consider the Needs of Your Guests
If your particular trip doesn’t require as much luxury as bigger events and you are traveling with a smaller number of guests, one of the best ways to save money is to book a smaller bus. Party Bus Cincinnati’s smaller buses tend to have a few less features than our larger buses, with the level of luxury increasing impressively with the size of the bus. There’s also no reason why a smaller party of just 15 or so can’t make use of our largest bus! It all depends on what features you need, and a little extra leg room never hurt anybody!

Tip #2… Stock the Bus with Essentials Ahead of Time
Everyone loves to bring their own drinks on board, whether it’s liquor and mixers to make cocktails, beer and wine, or iced tea and sports drinks. If you do the majority of your drinking on board your Party Bus Party Bus Cincinnati rather than in the bars, you will definitely find your wallet takes less of a beating during the evening! For the most buzz for your buck if quenching the thirst of a large party, we suggest the larger and cheaper bottles of liquor along with affordable soft drinks or juices as mixers.

Tip #3… Split the Cost
Depending on the event, some of our customers like to pay for everything and let their guests just enjoy the ride with Party Bus Cincinnati, and others like to split the cost amongst everyone. You may be surprised at how happy your friends will be to split the cost, and the more guests you bring, the less you’ll each have to pay!

Tip #4… Choose an Unconventional Destination
Whether you’re planning a wedding or just a simple outing with friends, choosing a more unconventional destination is an easy way to save money and make a lasting impression. Head to a beach or one of our beautiful state parks for a family reunion… Visit some of Cincinnati’s best museums and cultural attractions where access is free or very inexpensive… Your guests will never forget your unique Party Bus Cincinnati trip, and you will never forget the lower costs!

Tip #5… Call Ahead to Save the Most Money
We always suggest giving us a call as far in advance as possible. We’ll be able to pinpoint the dates of service that will save you the most money. You can reach Party Bus Cincinnati by phone at 513-428-1108 or by email at info@partybuscincinnati.com anytime, and there is no better time than right now. Let’s get together and make your party bus trip a major success!