About Party Bus Cincinnati

For potential customers who are curious about the origins of Party Bus Cincinnati, we’d love to give you a little bit of a personal glimpse into the reasons that we founded this company, as well as tell you about the standard services and special perks that you can expect when traveling with our company. Consider this page our overview, and if you would like more detail about us, you know where to reach us! Our contact information can be found at both the top and bottom of this page.

First, We Decided that We Could Do It Better
Party Bus Cincinnati was founded on the belief that those traveling in groups for parties and events shouldn’t have to settle for anything less than the absolute best. We had experienced a lot of unimpressive trips in both party buses and limos over the years, and we decided that we could do it better than any of those companies did by leaps and bounds. We acquired all the necessary business licenses and permits, assembled the best fleet of party bus vehicles that Cincinnati has ever seen, and got to work finding the customers who make up our loyal base. They spread the word like wildfire, and we can’t thank them enough for that. Our business grew dramatically in a very short time, and we have had to spend very little money on advertising because word of mouth has worked its magic.

Second, We Purchased Supremely Luxurious Vehicles

All of us at Party Bus Cincinnati would like to think that our vehicles make up the biggest part of our business. The luxury that they offer is unparalleled. We keep them in absolute top notch condition, maintaining them before and after every single trip, and upgrading them as often as time and money allows. Our customers enjoy the premium leather seating, the enlivening LED and fiber optic lighting features, the built-in bars complete with coolers, and of course the booming sound systems and enormous flat screen HDTVs with DVD players! Multi-day trips are often requested so that guests can enjoy all those features for as long as possible. You won’t find better buses than ours.

Third, We Professionally Trained Our Crew
The second factor that we believe sets us apart from the rest is our crew. Not just the ones behind the scenes that take care of the booking and planning process as well as the maintenance and upgrading of the vehicles, but the chauffeurs at the helm who steer you to your biggest events safely and with style. You’ll find decent drivers at other local party bus companies, but you will not find professional chauffeurs. Our pros are trained to deliver an unsurpassed experience on the road, and that makes more of a difference than all the luxury upgrades in the world!

And Finally, There’s You
The final piece that we think makes us the top choice for your party bus events is the simple fact that you can just sit back and relax when you’re traveling with us. From the moment that the booking process is complete, you can put your focus on other things related to your trip, knowing that every aspect of your transportation will be taken care of by true professionals. Please note that we suggest booking your bus as early as possible to ensure that you get the vehicle of your choice. Our calendar gets filled up quickly, especially around prom, graduation, and New Year’s Eve, as well as exciting regional yearly events. Call us at 513-428-1108 or email us at info@partybuscincinnati.com right away and let’s get to talking about what you need from us to make your event unforgettable!